10 Attributes of a Fab-YOU-lously Wealthy Life

That DON'T Require any Money


We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness” and like it or not–it’s true.  I personally know several people with exorbitant amounts of money who are miserable and I also know a few people who are financially destitute and yet, truly happy.  I for one,would prefer to have exorbitant financial wealth and a happy heart–two things that I believe to be entirely possible.  However; as someone who has been both, a struggling single mom and a successful professional woman, the biggest lesson that I’ve learned about money is that having more money doesn’t make life better, it simply makes us more of what we already are. If we are happy, joyful and generous individuals to start out–more money will simply enable us to be more happy, joyful and generous. If, on the other hand, we are greedy, grumpy and mean–more money will just provide us with opportunities to be more greedy, grumpy and mean.  

This tells me that it isn’t money that leads to a life of FabYOUlousness, rather it is a combination of other factors that leads to a truly wealthy life.

When thinking about wealth, most of us have come to equate wealth with money and yet, when it comes down to the things that (in my opinion) truly contribute to a FabYOUlous life–very few of those things have much (if anything) to do with the state of one’s financial affairs. Instead, I believe that a better definition for wealth would be the ability to enjoy what we have. Once we understand that principle, it becomes much easier and more enjoyable to acquire wealth.

After examining my own life and combining my observations with other research on the subject, I’ve come up with a list of 10 attributes that I believe lead to a FabYOUlously wealthy life–regardless of how much money is in the bank.    

10 Attributes of Wealth that Don’t Require Money

1.)  Purposeful Passion: Finding our life’s purpose and then pursuing that purpose with passion will supply us with an incredible sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy.  

2.)  Health:  Being healthy doesn’t simply mean that we aren’t sick, it means that we are fully alive and experiencing life with vitality, love, gratitude and enthusiasm.  An individual who enjoys true physical and emotional health is one of the wealthiest people on the planet regardless of whether or not he has money in the bank.

3.)  Love:  When we are loving it means that we are choosing to embrace the good in ourselves and in others. If we are not able to find enough positive in a project, person or object; we need to distance ourselves.  This will allow more room in our lives for the things that we truly value. An abundance of love will provide more joy than an abundance of cash ever could.

4.)  Balance:  Finding balance in our lives can be a challenge but once it is achieved, it can bring a peace of mind that no amount of money can buy. Finding balance simply means that we have found our place on the spectrum between enjoying what we already have and achieving more of what we desire.

5.)  Learning:  Life long learning has immeasurable value.  It is our ability to make positive use of everything that happens to us.

6.)  Gratitude:  Those who are truly wealthy in spirit can’t help but to be grateful for the many blessings that they enjoy.  A grateful spirit is one of the surest signs of true wealth and abundance.

7.)  Compassion:  When we put love and mercy into action, we get compassion.  Compassion is our ability place the needs of others above our own wants. It is a desire to improve the life of another individual not because of what we’ll get in return, but because we genuinely long to see them happy and their situation improved.

8.)  Opportunity:  Wealthy is the person who recognizes opportunity when it knocks.  Wealthier still is the person who makes opportunity happen even when it doesn’t knock. The person who is able to recognize and seize upon opportunity is someone who will enjoy both physical/spiritual wealth as well as financial wealth.

9.)  Enjoyment:  The biggest reason that people seek financial wealth is so that they may find pleasure and enjoyment. Many of life’s greatest pleasures however; cannot be bought.  A child’s hug, a spring rain, a playful puppy–the ability to savor and appreciate these priceless moments is what leads to true wealth of spirit.

10.) Hope:  There is no poverty worse than that of hopelessness. Hope is available to all at no cost and yet its value is priceless.  Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning, provides us with the energy to reach for our goals and brings the promise of a FabYOUlous future.  All of the money in the world cannot help someone who has lost his hope and no turmoil can oppress one with hopeful heart.

As this list clearly shows–true wealth is available to everyone because it goes far beyond material objects and comforts.  Many true riches are free-for-the-taking and may be enjoyed by all, regardless of one’s net worth.  While there is nothing wrong with having an abundance of financial wealth, it is important to realize that it is not the sole determining factor for a FabYOUlously wealthy life.


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