10 Fab-YOU-lous Ways to Keep Your Boss Happy

Without Losing Your Mind or Selling Your Soul

keep-the-boss-happyAnyone who has a job in which they report to a supervisor knows that 99% of their job security rests in the ability to keep the boss happy.

Working hard and excelling at the duties of the job is obviously the best way to accomplish this goal, however; there are other strategies that employees can use (in conjunction with excellent work, not in place of) to stand out and earn their bosses esteem.

Check out these 10 Fab-YOU-lous tips on keeping your boss happy and your job secure…

10 Fab-YOU-lous Ways to Keep Your Boss Happy (Without Losing Your Mind or Selling Your Soul)

1.) Figure out who your boss respects. Do a little detective work and see if you can get a feel for the kinds of people that your boss looks up to. This will give you insight into the personal qualities, character traits and personality types that your boss values. Then, you can compare those traits with your own and be sure to exemplify those qualities that you also possess so that your boss will see them personified in you.

2.) Determine when your boss is most approachable. Is your boss a bear until she’s had her first cup of coffee in the morning? Is she always in a mad-dash to get out the door in the evening so that she can pick up her son from baseball practice? Take some time to analyze the flow of your boss’s work day and use that information to determine when the best time to bring your work-related concerns to her is. If your boss’s schedule is hard to pinpoint, be sure to request a designated meeting time if you have something important to discuss–there’s nothing worse than trying to discuss an important work matter with someone who is irritated because they are trying to get out the door and you’re causing them to run late.

846f76_c33f30399cd4472ca88a4f256ec9189c3.) Figure out what kind of reputation your boss has with his/her colleagues. Is your boss a known hard ass? Or, is she the emotional, touchy-feely type? Do her colleagues look up to her or do they find her annoying? Gathering this kind of information can be beneficial in determining the role that your boss plays within the department and can help you to figure out the supporting role that you need to take on as a result.

4.) Gain understanding on what your boss is trying to accomplish in his/her supervisory role. What are your boss’s goals? How is she contributing to the company’s overall mission? One of the best ways to be seen as invaluable in your boss’s eyes is to help her to reach her goals and to look good to her superiors. Obviously, you can’t (and shouldn’t) do her job for her, but if you can play a role in helping her to accomplish her goals, your perceived value as an employee will increase dramatically.

5.) Make adjustments according to your boss’s management style. If your boss is the “all business all the time” type, you probably don’t want to bring in photos from your daughter’s dance recital to show off at work. However; if your boss has a more relaxed management style, you might come across as too serious or inflexible if you insist on keeping everything ultra-professional 100% of the time. Knowing how to adapt to your boss’s management style will solidify your position as a valuable team member and as someone that your boss can relate to. You don’t have to change who you are, simply be adaptable enough to work well within the parameters of her management style.

6.) Watch the interactions between your boss and his/her boss. By observing the way in which your boss interacts with her supervisor, you can gain clarity on how your boss likely wants/expects you to interact with her.

7.) Analyze the areas in which your boss has influence.  Does your boss have influence over several areas within your department or just one particular arena? Knowing this can help you to understand where much of your professional focus should be.

8.) What appears to be your bosses biggest concern? Is your boss worried about slow sales numbers or high employee turnover? Is there a looming project that your boss is stressed out over? Understanding your boss’s worries and stressors not only gives you a sense of empathy regarding her situation; it can also provide you with input regarding her top priorities and thus give you ideas on ways to help alleviate the stress associated with them, thereby increasing your professional value.

Female boss about to kill employee9.) Observe the kinds of behavior that your boss rewards as well as that which he/she disciplines. Obviously, you need to know the rules of your workplace and make sure that you adhere to them at all times (no using your work computer to set up your online dating profile!) Beyond that however; work to determine what kind of effort draws the most praise from your boss so that you can incorporate that type of effort into your own work. Conversely, you’ll obviously want to do your best to avoid the behavior that most irritates your boss.

10.) Work to understand your boss’s primary motivation. Is your boss climbing the corporate ladder with eyes on the corner office or is she just putting in her time so that she can retire in two years? Knowing this type of information can help you to better formulate your own career plan. Maybe you’ll want to make yourself so invaluable as an employee that when your boss does retire, you’ll be a natural fit for her position. Or…perhaps you’ll want to become so indispensable to your boss that when she is on the rise professionally, she takes you along with her, thus expanding your opportunities for career growth. Your career aspirations don’t necessarily have to follow your boss’s path, but becoming aware of that path can open your eyes to possibilities that you might not have previously considered.

As valuable as it can be to have insight into your boss’s psyche as well as her professional goals and demeanor, no amount of inside information is going to compensate for poor work habits, laziness or a bad attitude. If you’re not willing to do the work at hand, you need to find a new job. Period. If however; you do have what it takes to be successful in your industry, these helpful tips can help you to gain valuable insight into what makes your boss tick and therefore boost your value as a Fab-YOU-lous employee.


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