Use Your Chakras to Energize Your Life

Chakra Energy (1)Last month, I wrote a post that was a very basic introduction to the seven chakras (energy centers) that we all have operating within us. If you missed that post, you can click here to read it.

Now, I’d like to move beyond the basic introductions and take you a little deeper into the impact that your chakras can have upon your energy levels and how you can learn to boost your chakral energy which will manifest itself into more physical energy.

As a recap, our chakras are basically wheels of energy (chakra is the sanskrit word for wheel) that run from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Each chakra has a specific role that it plays in your physical and emotional well being and there are certain activities and practices that can help to boost the energy of each chakra. Read the suggestions below and put a few of the ideas into practice–I think that you’ll be surprised at the shift in energy you’ll experience.

Tips to Energize Your Chakras

1.) Root Chakra: This is the chakra that is located at the base of your spine and acts as a foundation in that it is both grounding and supportive. In order to recharge your root chakra, try spending time in nature. This can mean going on a hike, walking barefoot through the grass in your backyard or stepping out on your back deck at night to look at the stars. Spending time outside and reconnecting with nature is a quick and easy way to add some spark to your root chakra and wake up its grounding energy.

2.) Sacral Chakra: This chakra is located approximately two inches below your belly button and is the chakra that rules your creativity, joy, pleasure and laughter. A great way to boost the energy of this chakra is to put on your dancing shoes and start bustin’ a move. Whether you  prefer the elegance of ballroom dancing or would rather just boogie down in the living room with your kiddos, dancing embodies the artistry and physicality of the sacral chakra and will immediately tap you into its powerful energy.

3.) Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra is located in the center of your body, just under your breastbone. It’s energy acts as a pilot light for your being and fuels an active lifestyle and dynamic personality. To boost this chakra’s engaging energy, try spending more time around groups of people. Consider joining a book club or putting together a bowling team. The energy of the solar plexus chakra feeds off of the energy of those around you so make the most of this by surrounding yourself with upbeat, energetic people.

4.) Heart Chakra: Just as you might suspect, the heart chakra is located in the heart area and is the energy of emotions. One way to boost this nurturing energy is to do something kind for someone else. Another way to tap into this energy is to do something kind for yourself. It is impossible to nurture others effectively if you are worn out and depleted yourself. Maximize your heart chakra’s energy by getting a pedicure or massage for yourself and then doing a kindness for someone else.

5.) Throat Chakra: Located in your throat (duh!) this chakra provides energy that is centered around communication. In order to truly benefit from this energy it is vital that you feel as though your are able to express yourself honestly and without judgement. One of the best ways to do this is through journaling because a journal allows you to let things out without having to worry about other people’s reactions. Another great (though less private) way to tap into this energy is to start your own blog where you are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

6.) Third Eye Chakra: This somewhat mystical chakra is located in the brow and governs your intuitive and introspective energy. Hands down, one of the very best ways to draw forth this energy is to begin a meditation practice. This doesn’t have to be intimidating or complex–just a few minutes a day of silent meditation can do wonders to focus your third eye energy and allow it to manifest within you. If you think that meditation is complicated or difficult, you couldn’t be more off base. For a simple introduction to meditation click here.

7.) Crown Chakra: Located at the very top of your head, this chakra provides spiritual and intellectual energy to your being. This energy is what allows us to connect with others on a more enlightened level. To boost this energy, try volunteering for a cause that is important to you. This will boost your feelings of connection while also allowing you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. Incorporating a gratitude ritual into your life is another way of awakening this crown chakra energy because gratitude demonstrates our awareness of the contributions of others and their positive impact upon our own life.

This information on chakra energy is just a teeny-tiny tip of the iceberg glance at the powerful energy that we all have within us. If however, this information has piqued your interest and you’d like to experience the benefits of a professional energy work session, click here for a directory of energy practitioners near you. Also–if you are interested in learning about other methods for increasing energy, be sure to sign up for FabYOUlous Life updates (in the side-bar) because you will then be sent a free e-book titled “50 FabYOUlous Ways to Energize Your Life“.

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