About Me

More than You could Ever Want to Know--and then Some...

Me black & whiteFabYOUlouslife.com is NOT about me–it’s about YOU. Well, I take that back–I guess technically it’s about US. I say that because I get as much out of researching and writing content for the site as I hope you get from reading it. I hope to get to know YOU, my readers, better through your comments and feedback and in turn, I hope that you get to know me a bit better as well.

I chose the tagline “Ditch the drab and find your FAB” because I know what it’s like to live a drab, difficult life. I absolutely LOVE my life now but that (sadly) hasn’t always been the case.

At one point I felt trapped in a rotten marriage (that wasn’t working) to an emotionally unhealthy man (who wasn’t working) while trying desperately to raise my two little boys, battle a vicious eating disorder and keep everything afloat (which wasn’t working–do you detect a theme here?) It wasn’t until I received some much needed counseling that I realized that my situation was the way it was (awful!) because I was allowing it to be that way. It finally dawned on me that no one was going to swoop in and save my boys and I from that sad, scary situation so if things were going to change, I was going to have to be the one to change them.

I wish I could say that embracing my FabYOUlousness and getting my life back on track was quick, easy & painless (it wasn’t) but I can ABSOLUTELY say that it was worth it.

I am now healthy and happily married to an amazing man who is truly my partner in every sense of the word and my two (now young-adult) sons are thriving in a loving, supportive environment where they are free to excel in the things that make them FabYOUlous.

That’s why I started FabYOUlouslife.com. I want to empower women everywhere to embrace their unique (maybe I should say YOUnique) FabYOUlousness and make their lives the best that they can be.

So…with that in mind, I wanted to start out by letting you get to know me a little better by telling you some random facts about me and my life. I’m choosing 45 facts because I happen to be 45 FabYOUlous years old…just be thankful that I’m not in my eighties.

45 Random FabYOUlous Facts About Melissa

1.) I grew up in central Kansas surrounded by wheat fields. I now live in northern Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I LOVE the mountains, but I’ll always be a Kansas farm girl at heart.

my boys2.) I have two young adult sons who are the loves of my life. Seriously…I adore them. They make me crazy almost daily but they are my heart and I am SO blessed to be their mom.

3.) When I married my FabYOUlous husband (aka Superman) I also inherited a beautiful, smart and funny stepdaughter whom I love having in my life.

4.) Superman doesn’t wear a cape. He wears a ball cap and drives a paint truck…..AND he’s married to me!

me black & white25.) For our wedding anniversary I gave Superman a photo album full of boudoir photos of moi. Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone–YIKES!  He liked the photos though and it was good for me to try something a little daring (though I didn’t do anything TOO racy–no censor bars were necessary!)  Two of the mild photos are shown here on this page.

6.) I work full-time as the Executive Director for the Northern Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross. I love their motto of “sleeves up, hearts open, all in.” I think it perfectly depicts the commitment and compassion behind the Red Cross mission. 

7.) I am a SHAMELESS New York Yankees fan. I have been ever since I first fell in love with their shortstop (Bucky Dent….sigh) back in 1978. Loved him then–love him still. 

8.) I love obnoxious music. My body has matured (unfortunately) but my taste in music never did. My current favorite bands are Five Finger Death Punch and Drowning Pool. Don’t judge me.

9.) I hate tomatoes. I don’t know why–I just do.

10.) I love to knit–it’s my therapy. Tease me if you want, but when the zombie apocalypse happens I will be able to knit highly fashionable sweaters, scarves and slippers for myself. Will you?

11.) I have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. My family keeps threatening to stage an intervention…which of course would be called a “pintervention.”

12.) I have three cats and I love them!  I’d have more Daisyif my family would let me but they’re trying to keep my crazy cat lady tendencies under control. Seriously though–isn’t she pretty?

13.) In addition to my Superman, I am also hopelessly in love with Bucky Dent (see item #7), Peter Forsberg (Swedish hockey player who used to play for the Colorado Avalanche) and Jon Bon Jovi (no explanation needed because face it–you’re in love with JBJ too aren’t you? Of course you are. We ALL are.)

14.) I am completely addicted to Coke. The kind you drink…not the kind you snort.

15.) Summer is my favorite season. Baseball, flip flops, suntans…what’s not to love?

16.) My most favorite food in the whole world is pepperoni pizza from Ken’s Pizza in Hutchinson, Kansas.

17.) I love softball but it makes me angry. I’m angry because I used to be a really good player but now I play like an old lady who is scared of getting hurt. It also makes me angry that Superman (who is 10 years older than me) and my dad (who is in his 60′s) can still play like they did when they were young studs. NO FAIR!

18.) Superman and I went to a Guns ‘N’ Roses concert last fall. On the way to the concert I was knitting as my hubby drove. Yep–I was knitting on the way to a GNR concert. I’m cool like that.

19.) I love bubble baths and I take one almost every night.  My boys like my bubble bath time because it means that I’m not harassing them about their homework, loud music (that is interfering with my Five Finger Death Punch–see item #8) or overall boyness.

20.) I HATE mornings. I am such a night owl. It is ridiculous and I really need to figure out how to fix this.

21.) I love all things fleece–blankets, clothes etc. Everything should be made of fleece.

22.) Superman’s nickname for me is “Skip.” I have no idea why. He just called me Skip one day and it stuck.

23.) Living in Colorado is awesome but I miss going to the Kansas State Fair and eating Pronto Pups.

24.) My writing has been published in a real, honest to God book (that I didn’t have to pay to have published–they actually paid me).

25.) I love scary movies but I also hate them…but I also love them.

26.) My all time favorite song is “Rock Me” by Great White.

27.) I went to college to become a high school English teacher. I graduated in 1992 and have yet to set foot into an English classroom.

28.) My favorite colors are bright pink, orange and yellow–preferably all mixed together.

29.) My favorite Laffy Taffy flavor is banana.

30.) I can’t spell the word “banana” without singing it in my head like Gwen Stefani does.

31.) My house will never be featured in Better Homes and Gardens (we have a Nerf basketball hoop duct taped to the wall in our family room…for real) but it is full of love and laughter on most days.

32.) I love the New York Yankees so much that I have several pairs of Yankees underwear. Seriously–you can order it online at Victoria’s Secret. I am not kidding.

33.) I am not very domesticated when it comes to things like cooking and cleaning. I wish I was but I’m just not. I’m thinking of taking some cooking classes to expand my meal repertoire a bit. I’m sure that if I asked, my family would gladly kick in to cover the cost of the lessons.

34.) When Superman and I decided to go to Punta Cana for our honeymoon, I had to look on a map to figure out where exactly we were going. It’s in the Dominican Republic for those of you who are also geographically challenged.

punta cana

35.) Girlfriends make ALL the difference in my sanity level. I don’t know where I’d be without my “broad squad”.

36.) My childhood friends don’t call me “Melissa”–they call me “Missy” because that is what I went by when I was little.

37.) I am scared to death of Ferris Wheels. I won’t go near one much less get on one. I will also have an anxiety attack if someone I love gets on one.

38.) I have awesome parents. Seriously…they are amazing and lots of my friends wish they could be adopted by my folks.

39.) I have a little brother who is 42. GAH! How did THAT happen?!? How is it possible that we are in our 40′s already?!?

40.) My favorite movie of all time is “The Lost Boys.” Love the movie…love the soundtrack.

41.) Every Friday after work, I head to the grocery store to buy Woman’s World magazine. No–they didn’t pay me to say that, I just happen to really enjoy reading it.

42.) I can totally drive a tractor, combine and wheat truck.  Those skills might not exactly be transferable to my current work–but you never know when you might have to go plow a field.

43.) My zodiac sign is Cancer the Crab.  I figure it’s because I tend to have a bit of a tough outer shell even though my emotional insides are all sappy and mushy.  My family just thinks that it means that I’m crabby.  Clearly they know nothing about astrology.

44.) My degree is in English so I have a wonderful appreciation for great works of literature. However; to date–my favorite book series is the mefabBlack Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. Not exactly Pulitzer Prize winning literature but still…there’s just something about those sexy, badass vampires that I love. Please don’t tell my college English professors.

45.) I am so thankful for YOU. I think you are BeYOUtiful, YOUnique and of course…FabYOUlous. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.