Dear Husband, Don’t Ask Me to Love You Unconditionally

Because I Won't


Wow–I wrote that headline, but as I read it, even I think that it sounds a bit harsh.  I feel like I need to insert a disclaimer here to explain just how much I truly do love and adore my husband. He is my rock and I absolutely, fully intend to spend the rest of my days on this earth loving him and only him. I love him completely, faithfully and absolutely. I do not however love him unconditionally.

Now, before you label me as cold hearted (I’m not) or decide that I lack an appreciation for romance (I don’t); let me explain to you why I think that my relationship with my husband is better because we don’t love each other unconditionally and why hearing someone say that they love their significant other unconditionally makes me want to cringe.

Rock His World by Rockin’ What You’ve Got

846f76_e9da6ae1c75d4fc6a15572882b637093Valentine’s Day is here and Fifty Shades of Grey is hitting the big screen.  I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like it is the perfect time to add a little sizzle to the romance department.

Don’t worry–I’m not about to suggest investing in whips and ball gags (unless of course that’s what you’re into–then by all means…have at it) but I am suggesting that Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect time for us to step a tiny bit outside of our nice, safe comfort zones and give our significant others a holiday that they won’t soon forget.