Fight Songs

Songs to Fire You Up when You Need to Fight for Your FAB

Remember your old high school pep rallies and how fired up everyone would get when the band started playing the school fight song? As a former cheerleader, I can remember being down on the sidelines and feeling the electricity surge through the crowd as the band played “our” song and the adrenaline rush that would propel our athletes to push harder and dig deeper out on the field.

If music has the power to energize and excite us–doesn’t it make sense that we should add music to our FabYOUlous Life toolbox? I know that when I’m running, working out, or just needing a jolt of motivation, I have certain songs that I play depending upon the type of feeling that I am trying to obtain. Here is a list of songs that I have compiled and listen to whenever I need a little help in firing up the FAB in my life. Some songs are poppy while some are hard and angry (yes, I fully believe in the power of positivity, but sometimes you just need a hard, angry song when it’s time to knuckle up and kick some butt on your goal).

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Do My Boundaries Make Me a B!tch?

If so, sorry not sorry...

Time and energy. Two of the most valuable resources that each one of us is blessed with every day. Though it is difficult to put a price tag on these two commodities, I would have to say that their value is far greater than most realize because, it is the proper application of these two resources that allows us to create an abundance of other blessings (money, fulfillment, success, significance, etc.) in our lives.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I’ve been struggling a bit with feeling as though I am constantly running out of time and energy when it comes to the pursuit of my meaningful goals.

Don’t Reinvent–Re-IGNITE

Reinvention Rarely Works--If You REALLY Want Change--Re-IGNITE

My birthday is a couple of weeks away, and as is the case every year at around this time, I am starting to think about the path that I’d like my life to take in the next year. I even have an actual process that I follow on an annual basis (you can read about it here) to help me as I establish the new goals that I hope to achieve and the intentions that I long to manifest.

used to view my birthday as a time to “reinvent” myself but I don’t anymore. Now, I use my birthday (and the month leading up to it) as a time to re-ignite myself. It might not seem like a significant change (I mean it’s just semantics after all) but let me assure you–the difference between the two is HUGE. One consistently led to frustration and failure while the other has always led to greater levels of success, satisfaction and personal levels of FabYOUlousness.

Jump-Starting a Stalled Out Career

6 Strategies for Adding Purpose to Your Profession

Let me ask you something…how do you feel on Sunday evening? How about on Monday morning?

Do you look forward to the start of a new work week and the promise of fresh opportunities, or are you crushed by feelings of dread over the inevitable onslaught of hassles, headaches and hurry-ups that you know are waiting for you…just like they were last week…and the week before?

If your situation more closely resembles the latter scenario, take heart–you are not alone. This is a predicament that many of us find ourselves in at one time or another. Fortunately, this treadmill of tedium is something that can be rectified. It is possible to revive a stalled-out career and take back control of your professional aspirations. It may take a little time and intentionality, but ifyou’re willing to get real with yourself, think outside the box and expand your horizons; a purposeful profession can be yours. Try these six suggestions to help you once again find the passion in your profession and jump-start a stalled-out career…

Simple Strategies to Un-Suck Your Day

Create Your Own Energy Uplift Rescue Plan

I’m tired. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately and I feel myself running out of energy.  I know that this is a trend that I need to reverse because any Law of Attraction enthusiast worth their salt, will tell you that energy is the source of everything. Every experience that we go through is one that we’ve drawn to our self through the energetic vibrations that we put out into the world. The more high-vibe, good energy that we put out, the more positive experiences we’ll enjoy.

On the BOUNCE…

Make Your Comeback Stronger than Your Setback

Bless her heart. She was so sweet and offered me such a kind and sincere compliment. I didn’t mean to look incredulous–I really didn’t. It’s just that the compliment that she so generously paid me seemed sowell, crazy.

She approached me after I had given a presentation for a local business association and told me how much she admired how “together” my life was. She said that she had seen me a few other times at various functions and had read about me when I was recognized as one of twelve Colorado Women of Vision. She said that she was inspired by how upbeat, energetic and “with it” I was.


Spring Clean Your Life…Not Just Your House

Simple Strategies for Spring Cleaning Your Psyche

We did it! We survived the long, cold winter. We have emerged from our caves, shed our wool sweaters and are squinting our eyes as we blinkingly gaze  at the bright, promising sunshine of spring.

Birds are chirping, trees are budding and baseball gloves are being dug out of the closet. Spring is here and with its longer days comes the fresh hope of new beginnings.

Still, as exhilarating as this fresh new season is, in order to truly harness the creative and rejuvenating energy of spring, we must first make sure that we have cleared the cobwebs and dust bunnies that have taken up residence over the winter months. Many of us use this time of year as an opportunity to “spring clean” our homes, but how many of us make an intentional effort to “spring clean” our psyches?

Where are You Going? I Don’t Know but I Think I’m Almost There

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

Where Are You Going? I Don’t Know But I Think I’m Almost There

That was an actual exchange that I recently had with my husband. I was driving to a meeting that was to be held at a beautiful country club in the mountains just west of Denver, Colorado. I knew that I had to be getting close to my destination but the more I drove around on the winding, mountain roads, the more confused I got. Even Siri was confused—she kept telling me that I had arrived at my destination but the only thing that I had arrived at was a house on the side of a mountain. The house was nice and all but it clearly was not a country club.

After making a call to the meeting’s organizer, I discovered the reason for my (and Siri’s) confusion. I had mistakenly entered the final destination as River Ranch Rd. instead of RiverValley Ranch Rd. into my GPS. I left out one small detail but it was enough to send me (and Siri) on a wild goose chase. Fortunately, the meeting’s organizer was able to give me better directions and I didn’t end up being too late for the meeting.

Now, as I look back on that experience it occurs to me that (just like I spent too much time driving around lost in the mountains) so many of us spend our days, weeks and years driving around on our own figurative mountains looking for something but not knowing exactly what it is or how to get to it.

Contentment vs. Ambition: Do they HAVE to be Mutually Exclusive?

5 Simple Strategies for Finding Joy Where You're At While Hustlin' for Something More

This morning I sat across the table from my husband at IHOP as we worked on our crossword puzzle and gobbled down our pancakes while chatting about our kids, work and the upcoming MLB season (go Yankees!). There was nothing particularly extraordinary about this morning because this pancake gobbling, crossword puzzling routine is one that we engage in nearly every weekend; and yet, today, in the midst of the normalcy of our Saturday morning, I was suddenly hit with a wave of emotion that, were I not in the middle of a busy IHOP and worried about looking like a lunatic, would have brought me to tears. I was suddenly overcome with feelings of such peace, joy, love, gratitude and overall well being that I almost couldn’t breathe for fear of losing the moment. This, I thought to myself, is what contentment feels like.