Fab Factor #2: Choice

b69a00dcefbd96018cc991498da325e2When it comes to defining FabYOUlousness there are so many different facets of life to consider. Relationships, careers, health, education…the list is endless and it varies from person to person depending upon one’s own personal values and overall vision for one’s life. When all is said and done however; FabYOUlousness basically boils down to an individual’s sense of authenticity and contentment.  

Decades of research indicate that true FabYOUlousness stems from cultivating twelve distinct traits that enable one to navigate life’s rough patches with greater ease, enjoy life’s pleasurable moments more fully and feel content regardless of circumstances. Though this might sound like a tall order, the good news is that most of us already possess each of these twelve traits to some degree–it’s just a matter of learning to tap into them more consistently. For the next twelve months, we will be focusing on one of these FabYOUlousness factors per month in an effort to harness its power and to build a solid foundation of FabYOUlousness. The first FabYOUlous Factor that we focused on in our series was optimism. This month’s FabYOUlous Factor is CHOICE.

Research has shown that individuals who consider themselves to be self-governing and autonomous are three times more likely to be satisfied with their lives. According to David Niven, Ph.D and author of The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, these individuals are empowered because they know that ultimately, they are the ones who have the power to call the shots in their own lives and opt out of situations that no longer suit them. When things get bad, they take matters into their own hands and make the active choice to change things for the better.

In order to live a truly FabYOUlous life, it is imperative that we understand that our life (whether it be good or bad) is the product of our cumulative choices. This is good news for those of us who enjoy a safe, enjoyable and prosperous existence but it can be a bit sobering for those of us who are less than satisfied with our current condition. This reality forces us to face the fact that we alone are responsible for our FabYOUlousness. It removes our ability to pass the buck or play the victim. On the flip side however; knowing that our life is the result of the choices that we’ve made, provides us with a clear directive for creating a more FabYOUlous life. If we want better, we must choose better. The results might not always be immediate; however, making better choices on a consistent basis WILL lead to a more FabYOUlously fulfilling life. Even when something negative happens to us that is out of our control, we have the choice to determine our reaction to the negativity. We can either let it destroy us or we can use it to strengthen us and teach us.

A simple and fun way to practice exercising our power of choice is to indulge in our favorite pastime activities whenever possible. We must remember that we are the ones who decide what makes it on to our to-do lists. Go ahead and spend the afternoon in your pajamas watching reality TV if you are craving some downtime. If feelings of guilt start to kick in and ruin your enjoyment, remind yourself that you are choosing to spend some time enjoying yourself so that you will be able to approach the rest of your chores with a more positive and refreshed attitude.

Everything that happens to us–good and bad–presents great opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth. Each one of us has the gift of free will. We can pick and choose what behaviors, beliefs and attitudes will best serve our FabYOUlousness. In order to live more FabYOUlous lives, we must celebrate and activate our power of choice and use that power to choose FabYOUlously.


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