Fab Factor #4: Health

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The mind and body are intrinsically connected so it makes sense that taking care of ourselves both above and below the neck leads to head-to-toe FabYOUlousness.

Being healthy doesn’t simply mean that we aren’t sick, it means that we are fully alive and experiencing life with vitality, love, gratitude and enthusiasm. This is much more easily accomplished if/when the body is well cared for and in good working condition.

When working to achieve and maintain good physical health, there are eight habits that if adopted, will lead to improved physical fitness and a stronger sense of FabYOUlousness.

8 Habits for FabYOUlous Fitness

1.) Do not rely on a scale for validation. You don’t need that number on the scale to tell you whether or not you are physically fit. Healthy individuals know when they look and feel physically fit without having to rely on a certain number or dress size. Listen to your body–it will tell you what it needs.

2.) Do not compare yourself to others. Just as the scale shouldn’t be your source of validation, neither should your perception of anyone else. Women with the exact same BMI (Body Mass Index) can have drastically different measurements; therefore, comparing yourself to someone else makes no sense. Simply focus upon your own health goals, energy levels and fitness level.

3.) Snack on protein and healthy fats. Healthy people aren’t afraid to eat and eat well. They don’t restrict their diets and they do eat when they are hungry. The difference between healthy eaters and those who are less healthy lies in the food choices that are made. Healthy people will make smart dietary choices like snacking on nuts and berries rather than donuts and candy bars.

4.) Do not drink your calories. Just as healthy individuals make wise dietary choices, they also make smart choices when it comes to beverages. Rather than loading up on sugary colas or highly caffeinated energy drinks, they opt most often for water. For a little extra flavor, try water that is infused with real fruit flavors. Green tea, coconut water and freshly squeezed green juices are other healthy hydration options.

5.) Find creative ways to increase your activity level. Healthy people find ways to burn calories and build muscle even when they aren’t logging time at the gym. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the back of the parking lot so that you are forced to walk further, do bicep curls as you carry in your grocery bags, do a few squats every time you take a bathroom break. Thinking outside of the box (or gym) will help you to find new and fun ways to up your activity levels.

6.) Get some zzzzz’s. Not only does sleep deprivation wreak havoc on our energy levels and mood–it also causes us to make questionable decisions when it comes to our health. Rather than reaching for something healthy to eat when we’re tired, we might be tempted to woof down a sugary cookie or chug a can of soda in an effort to boost our energy. Healthy people will make sleep a priority because they understand that sleep provides the body with time to rejuvenate, release stress, rest sore muscles and recharge. Being well rested also enables us to make wiser decisions when it comes to other aspects of our physical and metal health.

7.) LOL. We all know that laughter feels good, but did you know that it is also good for you? Healthy people laugh out loud and often because they know that laughter relieves tension and stress–both of which can lead to weight gain. When we’re stressed, it triggers our bodies to release glucose but since modern day stress rarely requires all of that extra glucose (we rarely find ourselves having to outrun wild animals for example…) the body then triggers the release of insulin which in turn converts the glucose to stored fat. Laughing is one simple way to help keep stress levels under control thereby reducing the negative physiological side effects.

8.) Find your balance. No–we’re not referring to a complex yoga pose here (though yoga IS great for achieving balance). We simply mean finding a harmony in life that works for you. Healthy people understand that extreme diets and over zealous workout schedules are not sustainable for the long haul and can often lead to more harm than good. Instead, they choose a sensible lifestyle and practice habitual wellness rather than extremism.

By putting these eight habits to work in your life, you’ll increase your level of health and fitness which will, in turn, allow you to enjoy every aspect of your life more fully


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