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Do you have an Instagram account?  If not–YOU SHOULD!  It’s another fun social media platform that allows users to edit and share photos with friends and followers.  If you do have an Instagram account, be sure to click here to follow FabYOUlous Life for lots of fun and FabYOUlousness.  Also–if you have an Instagram account, you NEED to discover Chatbooks.  

I just recently received my first C846f76_7491b2485646480cb0630592fe45a66dhatbook and I absolutely LOVE it.  Basically, it’s a collection of your top Instagram photos printed and bound into a fun little book so that you can look at and share your photos anytime you want.

When I received my Chatbook, I was SO impressed with the quality of the photos and the paper that they were printed on.  I also loved the size of the book because it was small enough to tuck into my purse but large enough to be easy to read.  In short, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about my Chatbook.

So–what can be better than a fun book with a collection of your favorite photos?  Well, how about a fun book with a collection of your favorite photos that you can get for FREE?  

That’s right–you can get your very own Chatbook absolutely FREE–and when I say free, I mean free. No gimmicks, no “free with additional purchase”, no “free for 30 days”…none of that.  It’s just simply FREE. All you need to do is visit www.chatbooks.com and enter the promo code fabyo423 when you order your Instagram Series Photobook. 

It’s fun, it’s FabYOUlous and it’s FREE.  Check out Chatbooks–you’ll be glad you did.


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