It’s Love in Any Language

846f76_32373d01ec4a42d980109fd4a476c805“I love you.” Everyone loves to hear those three little words, but they can sound even sexier if whispered in another language. The next time you feel like turning up the heat with your honey, try adding a little international flavor to your sweet nothings with these eight different translations.

French: Je t’aime (zhuh tem)

Spanish: Te amo (teh ah-moh)

Japanese: Watashi wa anata o aishite-imasu (wa ta shee wa a na ta o a ee shee tee ee ma su)

Italian: Ti amo (tee ah-moh)

Esperanto: Mi amas vin (mee ah-mahs veen)

Hawaiian: Aloha au ia ‘oe (ah low ha wow ee ah oh ay)

Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya (yah lyoo blyoo tee byah)

Swahili: Nakupenda (nah koo pen da)

As you practice your newly acquired multi-lingual skills, be sure to whisper your sweet nothings in your sweetie’s left ear.  Studies show that we process terms of endearment better in our left ear because it’s controlled by the “emotional” right brain.



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