Simple & Stlylish D.I.Y. Chakra Necklace

chakra necklace

We’ve wrapped up our series on the chakras where we first received a basic introduction to our chakras and then learned how to harness our chakral energy to add more vitality to our lives and reduce stress. Finally, the last post in our chakra series outlined several more strategies for freeing up your chakral energy by releasing chakral blocks.

Even though I had originally planned for this series to only have four posts, I have found that I’m just not quite ready to say good-bye to the fascinating world of chakra energy. I imagine that there will be more posts in the future as I become more and more educated on this vast subject but for now I thought that I’d wrap things up with a quick and easy craft project that will not only add a pop of color to your wardrobe but will also serve as a reminder of the powerful energy that is ever present in your being.

Simple & Stylish D.I.Y. Chakra Necklace

This project really couldn’t be easier to make and yet, I love the way the chakra pendant adds a nice pop of color to my white t-shirt and jean jacket. To create your own chakra necklace, you’ll first need to…

IMG_2967 (1)Gather your supplies: You’ll need colored beads to represent the different chakras (red for the Root Chakra, orange for the Sacral Chakra, yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra, green for the Heart Chakra, blue for the Throat Chakra, indigo for the Third Eye Chakra and violet for the Crown Chakra.

Next, you’ll need Eye Pins. I used gold colored pins that were two inches long but your length will depend upon the size of your beads. The pin needs to be long enough for all beads to fit and have a little extra room to bend in order to keep the beads from sliding off.

The final tool that you’ll need is a pair of  Super Fine, Round Nose Pliers

Additionally, if you don’t already have necklace chain that you intend to use for your necklace, you’ll want to purchase one.

Once you’ve gotten all of your supplies together, it is time to

Assemble your pendant

This is super simple. The loop in your eye pin will be the top of your pendant so you want to feed your beads onto your pin in this order: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Once all of the beads are on the pin, use your pliers to bend the bottom of the pin so as to prevent the beads from sliding off. Voila! Your pendant is ready to be strung onto your chain and worn as a symbol of your connection to your spiritual energy.

I’ve worn my pendant a few times now and each time I’ve worn it, I’ve received compliments from random strangers who like the bright colors. I’ve used that opening as a quick opportunity to briefly mention the significance of the different colors. Some people look at me like I’m a kook but some take a genuine interest. I like to imagine that someone (upon hearing my explanation of the colors) went home and did a little research of their own into the different chakras. Even if that doesn’t happen however; I know the significance and therefore, the pendant is meaningful to me just as yours will be to you.


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