What’s Your Favorite Color?

Unlocking Clues to Your Personality through Color Psychology

846f76_da79d9c58f2e4c9884ce2d755431bf24Simple question right?  It’s one that we all have been asked before and no doubt already know the answer to.  For me the answer is bright, sunny, happy orange (as opposed to sick, yucky blah orange).  I also love bright yellow and bright pink.  In fact, my truly favorite choice would be a swirl of all three of those fun colors together.

Well, even though the question seems simple–I decided to start doing a little research to see if there was any correlation between favorite colors and personality traits, and guess what…THERE IS!  In fact, there is tons of research on the subject.

So… the simple question “what is your favorite color” opened a whole new door into the world of color psychology–a field that I never before even knew existed. There is SO much information available on this subject of color psychology that there is NO way I could ever cover it all.  Instead, I’ve taken bits and pieces of the information that seem to be consistent among the various studies and condensed it into a few short paragraphs for several different color choices.

So now, as you answer the question “what is your favorite color”, read the information below to see if the personality traits associated with that color seem to fit you.  I asked my hubby (aka Superman) if I seem like an orange to him and he says definitely yes.  He also says that I do exhibit some traits from yellow and pink too (though orange definitely seems to be my dominant color–as it should since it is the color I like best.)

I find this information fascinating and would love to hear back if any of you agree with your  color personality traits.  So, it’s time to answer the question…what is your favorite color?

According to the research, if your favorite color is RED you tend to be extroverted, optimistic, courageous and confident.  You are action oriented and enjoy being physically active.  Ambitious and competitive, you are achievement oriented and second place is never good enough for you.  People who favor red tend to be the explorers and pioneers of the world who are not afraid to pursue their dreams.  Be careful though because individuals who choose red as their favorite color also tend to be aggressive and easy to anger, often exhibiting a violent temper.  Additionally, red lovers can come across as know it alls or show offs though this is often a front to hide insecurities.  Reds tend to be good workers though not necessarily good bosses due to their aggressive and control freak natures.    A red’s deepest need is physical achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction.  They long to experience life through all five senses.  Many successful entrepreneurs are red personality types.

Unlike those who prefer red, ORANGE lovers are less intense and far more light hearted.  If orange is your favorite color, you tend to be warm, optimistic, extroverted and a bit flamboyant.  You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person who loves to be the center of attention.  Those who favor orange tend to be energized by interactions with other people and can become depressed if left alone for too long.  Fortunately though, people tend to be drawn to oranges because of their charm and are energized by their vitality and positive energy.

Oranges are lovers of life and are always on the go.  Competitive and determined, orange lovers are always looking for new challenges–which can sometimes lead to restlessness and impatience with others who cannot match their energy level.  Patience is not an orange virtue and as a result, oranges tend to be lousy at mundane tasks such as housekeeping (AMEN to that!) because they’d rather be out doing something fun.  While fun is great–oranges can also be indecisive, inconsistent and unpredictable…in other words–flaky.  The deepest need of an orange personality type is to be with people.  Oranges need to socialize and to be accepted and respected as a part of a group. Oranges also have a need for regular challenges in life–whether physical or social–in order to avoid boredom.

There is a reason that the sun is YELLOW.  People who favor the color yellow, tend to have happy, sunny dispositions and are cheerful and fun to be with.  Creativity is another trait of those who love yellow.  Yellows are creative thinkers who are great at coming up with new ideas (as long as they have other people to carry them out).  Yellows tend to have strong independent streaks and are selective with their choices of friends, preferring a small group of like-minded friends rather than being involved in team events or large social gatherings.  People who favor yellow, tend to use their minds to achieve their goals rather than their physical energy and are good at anything that involves the mind (crossword puzzles, card games, chess etc.) rather than physical pursuits.  Yellows communicate well and are good at networking.  Yellows also find it easy to make money–unfortunately they also find it easy to spend money rapidly and unwisely.  The deepest need for those who favor yellow is logical order in everyday life and the ability to express their individuality to inspire and create new ideas.

PINK is often viewed as a feminine color and it is true that those who favor pink do tend to be very much in touch with their feminine side.  This feminine, maternal instinct makes those who favor pink great protectors and nurturers.  Pink lovers tend to be loving and kind individuals with a great sensitivity to the needs of others.  With warm and friendly demeanor, others often seek out and are drawn to pinks and are comforted by their softness.  Pinks also tend to be optimists who see the good in others which makes them popular.  Unfortunately, pinks can also possess a naivety which allows them to be easily targeted by those with less than pure intentions.  Lovers of pink tend to maintain youthful appearances even into old age and possess a sense of sweetness while also being sensual and romantic.  The challenge for those who favor pink is to become more self-reliant and to nurture oneself as much as they nurture others.  The deepest need for someone who favors pink is to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

If PURPLE is the color that you favor, you tend to be sensitive, compassionate and supportive of others.  Idealistic and imaginative, you tend to look at life through rose colored glasses and are sometimes seen as a bit eccentric.  Those who favor purple also tend to be creative and unconventional in everything from their attire to their home decor.  People tend to be drawn to purples because of their charisma and alluring charm and are inspired by their creativity and ability to deal with adversity.  Purple lovers tend to be some of the most intuitive and psychic individuals and are free spirits who love to travel and experience different cultures. 

Those who love purple also tend to be visionaries with high ambitions, dreams and desires.  They often hold positions of power because of their ability to convey a compelling vision.  Purples are often seen as quirky but that’s okay because they like to be noticed for their individuality and don’t like to be copied.  They might also be seen as selfish or self-indulgent because they don’t like being imposed upon by the beliefs and regulations of others. The deepest need of those who favor purple is emotional security and the desire to create order and perfection in all areas of life including the spiritual.  They also have a deep need to initiate and participate in humanitarian projects that help others who are in need.

Inner peace and truth are the deepest needs for those who favor the color BLUE. If blue is your favorite color you tend to be conservative, reliable and trustworthy.  You long to live life according to your own ideals and don’t want to change them in order to satisfy others.  People who favor blue tend to be genuine and sincere and take their responsibilities seriously.  Blue personality types like to have peace and harmony in their every day lives and don’t like to have their feathers ruffled.  While sensitive to the needs of others and friendly to everyone, blues tend to prefer the company of their own close circle of friends.  Blues tend to make loyal and faithful marriage partners and trustworthy, sincere friends.

Those who favor blue tend to be quite sentimental and love things from the past.  Nothing will drive a blue crazier than untidiness and lack of order so it is important for blues to have processes in place to maintain a sense of order.  People love blues because they tend to be the rescuers and heroes of the world–it is often difficult however for blues to recharge their batteries because they spend so much time and energy putting others first.  Blues have a thirst for knowledge in order to appear wise in whatever area interests them.  Those who love blue can tend to be rigid–sticking with what is familiar even if there is a better way.  Blue personality types tend to be worriers yet they usually convey a confident and self controlled demeanor.

GREEN is the color of nature and those who love green do typically tend to have a love of the outdoors.  If green is your favorite color, you are a practical, down to earth individual who is striving for balance in all areas of your life.  With a personality color of green, you have a great need to love and be loved and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve.  You don’t believe in hiding your feelings so you tend to be an open book.  Those who favor green are caring and natural nurturers who desire to feel accepted and admired for the good that they do.  Greens are great at putting themselves in the shoes of others but have to be careful not to become a martyr.  Kind, generous and compassionate are three words that describe nearly every person who favors the color green.

Greens tend to have high moral standards and doing the right thing is important to them.  Greens also tend to be loyal friends and faithful partners who are gentle but not necessarily passionate as it is difficult for greens to feel great passion since their need is for balance and peace–not action.  Greens are not risk takers and would much rather observe others from a cafe table than jump in and participate in active pursuits.  Green is the color of money and that is fitting because people who favor green tend to be successful in business.  Money is important to those who love green but so is generosity.  The deepest needs of those who favor green are to belong, to love and be loved and to feel safe and secure.  Green personality types love joining social groups and are at home in any social situation thanks to their graciousness and impeccable manners.  Greens tend to love food and that, combined with their resistance to activity can make weight management a constant struggle.

Those who favor the color BROWN tend to be honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  While steady, reliable and quietly confident, brown personality types also tend to be friendly, approachable and sincere. Those who favor the color brown tend to be home bodies for whom family life, comfort and simplicity are very important.  Browns tend to not be carefree or spontaneous–preferring instead to know exactly what is going on at all times.  DO NOT throw a surprise party for someone whose favorite color is brown!  Browns are loyal, trustworthy and dependable so others often find comfort in their presence.  Browns do everything in moderation–no over-indulging allowed.

Those who favor brown as a color tend to be quiet and contemplative sorts who often believe that life is a struggle.  Brown personality types tend to be hard working, industrious and although not perfectionists, do tend to like structure in every area of their lives.  The deepest needs of those who favor brown are a safe, secure and simple existence and supportive family and friends.  Others are drawn to browns when they need comfort and support because the warm and encouraging demeanor of a brown is one that gives reassurance and offers security and warmth.

BLACK is a color that people tend to start favoring during teenage or young adult years rather than in childhood.  Those who favor black tend to be independent, strong-willed and determined to be in control.  Power and prestige are important to those drawn to black.  Oftentimes, those who say they prefer black are teenagers who are hiding behind black while searching for their own identity.  It is also a color associated with rebellion–another teenage characteristic.

People who favor black tend to be non-emotional and give the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person who is in total control.  Oftentimes however; this is a front for feelings of inferiority or insecurity.  Those who claim black as their favorite color are often methodical in their work, making sure that everything is complete down to the last detail.  They also long to create an aura of mystery and intrigue about themselves.  Interestingly, many people who prefer black have recently gone through a difficult time (illness, death in family, divorce etc.) and research shows that black is a color of protection that allows individuals to heal without interference from others.

Much like black, white is another color that is rarely favored by children but instead becomes a favorite at a time when an individual is going through a transitional period of life.  Having white as your personality color tends to mean that you are neat and immaculate in your appearance, your home, your car etc.  Your impeccable standards of cleanliness any hygiene tend to make you very critical of yourself and others.  Those who favor white tend to bee seen as well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise–they think carefully before acting and are not prone to impulsive behavior.

Lovers of the color white enjoy being self sufficient loners who don’t need help from anyone else.  They also tend to hide their flaws so as to give an impression of perfection.  Oftentimes, people who prefer white are wishing to create simplicity in their lives and perhaps re-create a lost childhood or return to happier times in their past lives.  While appearing to be shy, people who favor white tend to have strong beliefs about many things and love having the opportunity to air those beliefs.

*Both black and white tend to be transitional colors that people will be drawn to for a period of time in their lives before moving on and settling on another color.

Whew!  That’s a lot of information and yet it doesn’t even begin to cover all of the material that is out there related to color psychology.  If this subject has intrigued you or caused you to question some things about yourself–that’s GOOD.  You can google the words “color psychology” and find far more information than what I am able to share here.  Did your color choice match your personality?  Just as our favorite colors can reveal things about our personalities–so do our least favorite colors.  It is also interesting to look at a combination of your favorite colors to see what the colors combined might reveal about your personality.   Obviously, no one is going to exhibit every single trait from their color personality profile but if you’re like me–you’ll be fascinated by many of the revelations and how accurate they truly are.

Though this information is presented mostly for fun, it is interesting to see how we can use this new information and apply it in our everyday lives.  After all, any bit of information or inspiration that we can use to make our lives a bit more FabYOUlous is worth the effort!  No matter what your favorite color is, be sure to color your world FabYOUlous!




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