Whisper these 10 Sweet Somethings to Keep Your Love Alive

heart girl Sure…roses, diamond rings and sappy love songs all convey unmistakable messages of undying love; but who has the time and energy to go to those kinds of lengths on a daily basis?  Not me–that’s for sure.  Fortunately, there are far easier (and yet still very effective) ways to keep the love and romance alive in our relationships–all we need to do is use our voice and utter a few simple phrases that will communicate just how much we care. Try out a few of these loving phrases the next time you want to make sure that your honey is feeling the love.

You’re so gorgeous/hot/sexy

We all want to feel desired.  Make sure that your sweetie knows that he’s still got what it takes to get your motor running.

I miss you

Even if you just saw him this morning and will see him again when you get home from work, a few simple texts or voicemails during the day to let him know that he’s on your mind will never go unappreciated.  Mix it up by sending photos or jokes that will make him smile.

Please/Thank you

No one likes to be taken for granted and yet sometimes we use more common courtesy with strangers than we do our loved ones.  Make sure your sweetie always knows that he’s appreciated.

Do you remember that time we…?

You and your honey have logged lots of wonderful memories of your time together.  Show him that those moments still hold a special place in your heart by bringing them up.  Take this a step further by dragging out the photo album or old ticket stubs for a jog down memory lane.

How was your day?

This might not sound all that romantic, but when asked with genuine interest it will show your guy that you are genuinely interested in what he has going on in his life.  Of course, this one only works if you follow it up by sincerely listening and responding to what he tells you.

I’m sorry/You’re right

Okay, I’ll admit…this one can be TOUGH.  Sometimes we just don’t want to admit that we are wrong (even when we are absolutely, dead dog wrong).  Still…being willing to admit our faults (we all have them) and apologize when we’ve screwed up (we all do) shows our partner that we care enough about them and the relationship to eat crow and make amends when necessary.

heart coupleWhat do you think?

Our partners have thoughts and opinions just like we do.  Asking them to share those thoughts and opinions with us shows that we value what they have to say.

Let’s Meet in the Middle

No matter how much we love our honeys, there are going to be times that we just do not agree with them.  Rather than stonewalling or bullying our way to a resolution, show your partner that you care more about the relationship than the issue at hand by being the first to offer up a workable compromise.  This will show your partner that you are willing to take the high road to work things out because you love and cherish their happiness as much as your own.

How can I help you?

Sometimes we all just need a helping hand.  Whether your man is overextended at work and just needs somone else to mow the friggin’ yard or he’s working through emotional issues with his extended family and needs a sounding board to bounce thoughts off of–our genuine willingness to help bear some of his burden will speak volumes as to our love and level of commitment to him.  We might not be able to fix every issue or right every wrong, but we can show him that we are on his side by being willing to do whatever we can to lend support.

I love you

Sometimes nothing says it better than those three little words.  Make sure they are the last words your sweetie hears before he drifts off to sleep at night or before he leaves the house in the morning. Make the words stick by adding a kiss.


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