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Simple Strategies to Un-Suck Your Day

Create Your Own Energy Uplift Rescue Plan

I’m tired. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately and I feel myself running out of energy.  I know that this is a trend that I need to reverse because any Law of Attraction enthusiast worth their salt, will tell you that energy is the source of everything. Every experience that we go through is one that we’ve drawn to our self through the energetic vibrations that we put out into the world. The more high-vibe, good energy that we put out, the more positive experiences we’ll enjoy.

Why Going to the Doctor isn’t Always Your Best Option

Deciphering Which Medical Professionals Provide What Services

Cough, cough, sniffle, cough. UGH!!! Being sick is the WORST!! It seems like my husband and I spent the entire month of January passing the same cold back and forth to each other and it was awful!! Fortunately, I think that we are both starting to get back to our normal, healthy selves and neither of us ended up needing to see a doctor for this particular round of ick. Still…being sick sucks and it sucks even more when you know that you should go see a doctor but dread the thought of appointment scheduling hassles, crowded, germ infested waiting rooms, sitting (nearly naked) in a cold examining room, having to make a separate trip to go pick up a prescription…etc. etc. etc..

The last time I was sick enough to drag myself to a doctor, I thought to myself, “there has got to be something better than waiting an hour and a half to see a doctor for seven minutes before getting shuffled out the door and on my way to a pharmacy”–and guess what…there is! 

Fab-YOU-lous Changes for a Fab-YOU-lous Life

Change #2: Sleep Your Way to the Top

If you regularly follow FabYOUlous Life, you no doubt saw our Fab Factors series in which we featured twelve different personality/character traits that (when cultivated) can lead to a more FabYOUlous life (if you haven’t seen that series; WHERE have you been? Seriously. No worries though, you can check it out here.)

While incorporating those Fab Factors into your life certainly can lead to a greater experience of FabYOUlousness, there are also smaller tweaks that each one of us can make in our everyday lives that can reap major dividends when it comes to creating a truly FabYOUlous life. In this new series, we will feature one FabYOUlous change per month that will help you to reach your full FabYOUlous potential. Last month we focused on thinking bigger. This month we are focusing on sleeping your way to the top.

No, this is not a post about using sex as a way of currying favor with your boss—ick! Seriously—DO NOT do that. Instead, this is a post about all of the magnificent benefits of sleep and how to ensure that you are getting enough zzz’s so as to maximize your health and stay on top of your game.

Decrapify the Temple

Suggestions for Reducing the Toxic Load on Your Body

I’m sure that you’ve heard the whole “your body is a temple” metaphor before but how much do your really believe it? Do you treat your body like the temple that it is or do you treat it more like a landfill?

Here’s a newsflash—every single thing that we do in our lifetime requires the involvement of our body. No matter how hard we may want to try—we can’t escape our body so long as we are alive on this planet. It makes sense then, that in order to live our most FabYOUlous life, we must take care of our temple.

If you are health conscious at all, you no doubt spend at least some time thinking about the things that go into your body. We all know that good nutrition is a vital component of FabYOUlousness. How much time however, do you spend thinking about the stuff that comes out of your body?

Lessons I Learned While Running (and Training for) my First Half-Marathon

A Little About Running--A Lot About Life...

half-marathon-lessonsI DID IT!!! I just finished my very first ever half-marathon! For those of you who don’t run, that is a distance of 13.1 miles…13.1 LONG miles!

I have plenty of runner friends who run marathons and half-marathons like they are no big deal, but that’s not me. To me, a half-marathon is a VERY big deal. Like, HUGE.

I have always been blessed to be naturally thin and in decent shape but I have NEVER considered myself a runner. I’ve led an active lifestyle of playing softball, hiking, bicycling etc. but for me, running always felt more like punishment than pleasure. Why then did I (at the age of 46) decide to train for and run a half-marathon?

The answer: temporary insanity, AND the desire to push myself to do something that I never thought was possible for me.

It wasn’t easy (not even close) but now that the race is behind me, I can definitely say that the sense of accomplishment of having crossed the finish line is well worth the effort that it took to achieve it.

In addition to the “bragging rights” that come along with finishing a half-marathon, I also learned some valuable lessons along the way–some about running, but mostly about life…

Six Fab-YOU-lous Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy this Fall

Healthy FallOkay, so technically, fall doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. We just wrapped up a long Labor Day Weekend though and to me, that always feels like the end of summer.

Regardless of whether you usher in the fall season now or on the official Fall Equinox (Sept. 22nd), the bottom line is that cooler temps, football games and Pumpkin Spice everything is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, along with all of the cozy, colorful goodness of fall, also comes the increased risk of illness.

Cute, Cuddly and Good for Your Health

How Your Pets Keep You Happy AND Healthy

Health Benefits of Having PetsWhether they say “meow”, “woof” or “Polly want a cracker”, our pets play such a significant role in our lives. They selflessly provide us with unconditional love, faithful companionship and endless entertainment. One of the biggest benefits of pet ownership however, might be the incredible health benefits that we as pet owners experience.

Stay Young While Having Fun

Staying Young While Having FunToday is my birthday!! Even though I am a year older and now, officially closer to 50 than 40 (I’m 46 today), I can honestly say that I feel younger today than I did five years ago. Sure, there are still times when I may feel a little tuckered after going for a run, but five years ago I never went for a run…like never.

I can also honestly say that I am having more fun in my life now than I was five years ago. I’ve learned to Stand Up Paddle Board, I travel more, enjoy various hobbies and I enjoy hiking and riding my bicycle etc. This made me start to wonder if there was any correlation then between having fun and staying young so I decided to do a little research and guess what–there is a BIG correlation.

If you’d like to discover your own personal Fountain of Youth, try a few of these FUN and FabYOUlous tips to help you turn back the clock on aging…

Walk Your Way to Fab-YOU-lous Health

Benefits of walking (1)Spring is (finally) in the air so now is the time to add a little spring to your step as well and add walking to your fitness routine.

As a runner, I personally have overlooked the benefits of walking because I figured that surely running had to be better for me (how did I become such a running snob???) I am now however, starting to learn that that is not necessarily the case. Sure–running has some added cardio benefits and might help you reach your fitness goals a bit more quickly; however, running can also be extremely hard on the body and lead to joint problems and other injuries. This information about the benefits of walking appeals to me because though I don’t intend to give up on running (participating in a half marathon is still on my bucket list), I am excited to hear that walking is a viable option for me on those days when my body just isn’t up for a run.