D.I.Y Indoor Succulent Garden


Here in Colorado it has been WET. Normally we celebrate Mother’s Day by planting our outdoor flowers but not this year; this year we spent Mother’s Day inside the house watching the rain pour down. So…we figured we’d wait and do our planting over Memorial weekend. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with that plan either. So since at this rate it might be September before we get to do any outdoor planting, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own indoor succulent garden. It was SO easy (the hardest part was picking out my plants) and I LOVE the way it turned out.

If you’d like to create your own succulent garden–it’s easy and it doesn’t cost much to create something truly beautiful. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll have a gorgeous tabletop garden of your own in no time.

Creating a Sacred Space of Your Own

Back in October, I posted what has now become one of the most popular posts on FabYOUlous Life. That post was called The Joys of Masturdating and was all about the benefits found in spending time alone (you can read that post here). When I wrote that post, I immediately wrote another one that I meant to use as a follow up. However; other things surfaced and different posts took precedence. Now however; as I look back through my old drafts, I realize that the information from that original follow-up post is good and worth sharing.

The funny thing is–my living situation has completely changed since October. Back when this post was originally written, I had two young adult sons living in my house which meant that space in our home was at a premium. That all changed in February when my boys found a townhouse across town that they now share with a few of their friends. I’ve decided to leave my post the way that it was originally written however; because the entire premise of the post is about the importance of finding a sacred space of one’s own–even when space is limited. Yes–I now have two extra bedrooms which means that my office and guest bedroom no longer have to share the same room, but even if extra space is not currently a possibility for you, you can still create a special place that is all your own and doing so can make such an incredible difference in your life.

Here’s my original post…

Decrapify the Temple

Suggestions for Reducing the Toxic Load on Your Body

I’m sure that you’ve heard the whole “your body is a temple” metaphor before but how much do your really believe it? Do you treat your body like the temple that it is or do you treat it more like a landfill?

Here’s a newsflash—every single thing that we do in our lifetime requires the involvement of our body. No matter how hard we may want to try—we can’t escape our body so long as we are alive on this planet. It makes sense then, that in order to live our most FabYOUlous life, we must take care of our temple.

If you are health conscious at all, you no doubt spend at least some time thinking about the things that go into your body. We all know that good nutrition is a vital component of FabYOUlousness. How much time however, do you spend thinking about the stuff that comes out of your body?