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This is our third installment in our series on chakras. In our first post, we were introduced to each of our seven chakras and learned how to identify our governing chakra. The second post showed us how to energize our chakras thereby bringing more physical and emotional energy into our lives.

This third post comes at a perfect time for me because it is all about accessing the power of our chakras to relieve stress.

Normally, I tend to be someone who stays on a pretty even keel when it comes to stress, but right now, I have a lot of balls in the air both personally (youngest son graduating from high school this weekend which means family visiting from out of state and a grad party to host) and professionally (big fundraising banquet coming up on June 1st) and even though these balls are all good things, I am starting to feel the pressure.

I can’t wait to implement some of these chakra balancing/stress relieving strategies into my life so that I can experience first hand, their calming and restorative benefits. Best of all, all of these suggestions are super simple–yet super effective. Give them a try today so that you can immediately experience more peace in your life.

Balance Your Root Chakra to Invite More Serenity into Your Life

When you feel especially frazzled, your Root Chakra (located near your tailbone) is in need of balancing. This chakra helps you to feel grounded, financially secure and serene. Ifthese areas feel out of whack in your life, try balancing this chakra by walking barefoot outdoors for ten minutes (or more!) a day. According to scientists, this allows antioxidant rich electrons in the earth to work their way into your body, which can lead to better sleep, renewed energy and reduced inflammation. If for some reason you are unable to walk barefoot outside (snow, ice, etc.) try snacking on carrots or make yourself a baked potato. This grounding chakra is especially nourished by root vegetables.

Balance Your Sacral Chakra to Release Your Creativity

If you are feeling stressed due to an inability to come up with creative options or ideas regarding a problem, your Sacral Chakra (located about two inches below your belly button) is likely blocked. Clear this chakra by drawing, knitting, painting etc. Brain scan studies show that creating art (of any kind) prompts the release of tension relieving hormones. If however, you prefer to participate in more active pursuits, try hula-hooping or belly dancing. Both of these activities exercise the pelvic area that is governed by this chakra.

Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra to Boost Confidence

This chakra is located above the navel and is where your sense of personal power and self-respect come from. When this chakra is out of balance or blocked if can affect your self-esteem and leave you feeling powerless. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to combat by doing some stretching. Engaging in workouts like pilates or yoga can help to strengthen your “core” muscles while making you feel emotionally stronger as well. If you are unable to engage in these kinds of stretching exercises (due to injury, illness etc) you can also boost your Solar Plexus chakra and your sense of empowerment by watching an inspiring movie (preferably with a strong female protagonist) like Brave or The Hunger Games.

Balance Your Heart Chakra to Invite More Love into Your Life

It should be no surprise that this centrally located chakra is the one that governs your relationships with others as well as your ability to love yourself. If you are experiencing difficulties in these areas, your Heart Chakra is likely blocked. To open up this chakra, try taking a detoxifying sea salt bath. All you need to do is add one cup of sea salt to a full tub of very warm water and soak, keeping your chest and heart under the water. To add a little extra love-boost to your bath, add a few drops of rose essential oil. Another option for boosting your Heart Chakra is to lie down on your back for ten minutes with a piece of Rose Quartz over your heart. It might sound crazy, but I have friends who swear that this works.

Balance Your Throat Chakra to Become a Better Communicator

When the Throat Chakra (located in the throat–duh) is blocked, it can be difficult for you to speak your mind which can obviously lead to elevated stress levels. To balance this chakra, try belting out a tune. Singing along with the radio to a favorite song will release energy from your throat chakra and stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, which in turn, improves your ability to think and speak clearly. Another way to unblock this chakra is to wear a turquoise or blue topaz necklace. Gem therapists claim that blue gems energize the throat chakra and help you to tap into your true desires and express your needs more easily.

Balance Your Third Eye Chakra to Sharpen Your Thinking

If you are feeling a little fuzzy-headed or forgetful lately, it may be due to an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra. This chakra (located in the center of your forehead) governs your areas of wisdom and intuition and can be boosted by drinking a cup of ginger tea. This tea boosts the Third Eye Chakra without any of the jittery side effects of caffeine. Another suggestion is to sleep under a deep blue bedspread or blanket. Dark blue hues (like indigo)are calming and mystical–and help to open up the energy of the Third Eye Chakra.

Balance Your Crown Chakra to Boost Your Joy

This uppermost chakra is the one that connects you to your spiritual self and provides you with inspiration every day. To boost this chakra’s power, try praying or meditating (if you don’t know how, click here for a non-meditator’s guide to meditation) outdoors. Connecting with nature opens and clears your Crown Chakra while also (according to scientific studies) melting away stress and strengthening your immune system. Even just stepping outside to do a little star gazing on a warm, summer night can give you an incredible sense of connection to the universe at large.

While each of our chakras governs a different aspect of our emotional and physical well being, they can cause a lot of stress and discomfort when they are blocked or unbalanced. These quick and easy practices will have you feeling much more balanced, serene and energized in no time.



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