Learn Something New in 2018

The True Power to Living a FabYOUlous Life is Found in the Ability to Learn

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

~Mahatma Ghandi~

When was the last time you intently studied a new, unfamiliar subject or set out to learn a new skill? If you can’t remember the last time, it is high time you brush the cobwebs off of your brain cells and get those synapses firing again.

Now, don’t panic–I’m not suggesting that you rush out and enroll in your local university or sign up for an intensive online course in astrophysics (though both of these suggestions certainly are options). I’m simply suggesting that the only real way to guarantee a FabYOUlous life for yourself, is to adapt the habits and mentality of a lifelong learner. 

When you envision your most FabYOUlous life–what are you doing? Where do you live? Who are you with? What activities are you enjoying? Chances are, in order to actually begin living that life, there are going to be some things that you are going to need to learn. For me, living my most FabYOUlous life required that I learn about website development, book publishing, life coaching and sales funnels (just to name a few). When I started out on my quest for my most FabYOUlous life, I knew absolutely nothing about any of these subjects–like seriously, nada. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that there are ways of learning almost anything these days and that the information is often right at our fingertips. One of my absolute FAVORITE online learning platforms is Udemy. With a few quick clicks of your mouse, you can learn anything from knitting to Photoshop to marathon running on Udemy. I’ve literally taken classes on personal development topics, website creation, book marketing and more using Udemy’s user-friendly platform.

YouTube is another favorite platform of mine when it comes to learning. Oh sure, you can find music videos, funny cat videos and all kinds of other mindless distractions on YouTube, but you can also find how-to videos on every subject under the sun. I recently thought that I needed a macrame plant hanger for my office and guess what–I found several video tutorials on how to make macrame plant hangers on YouTube. I’ve also learned new make-up techniques and how to plan a creative retreat/workshop on YouTube–the sky truly is the limit when it comes to learning on this Fab and free platform.

Finally–I think my hands-down favorite way to learn something new is to read about it. There is just something about the feel of a book in my hands that I find to be so soothing but also empowering. That’s probably what compelled me to write my book, Finding FabYOUlous: A ‘Self-Help with Sass’ Guide to Finding, Celebrating and Capitalizing on the FabYOUlousness that Makes You, YOUI wanted women to be able to (in the comfort of their own homes and on their own terms) learn how to peel back the layers on their authentic selves so that they could show up for life in a more powerful and aligned way. Whether you are desiring to learn something from the self-help genre or are looking for more practical instruction on a subject like dog training, guitar playing or photography, there are countless books available on nearly any subject.

This ability and desire to be a lifelong learner is one of the most crucial ingredients when it comes to fashioning a truly FabYOUlous life but there are other benefits as well…

Benefits of Lifelong Learning

  • No more boredom! Honestly, it drives me crazy when people complain of being bored. In my opinion, boredom is just a by-product of laziness. Unless you are in solitary confinement in prison, there is no reason to be bored. If you have access to your smartphone or a laptop, you can instantly plug into a number of educational podcasts, how-to videos etc. Not only do I keep my phone handy, I also carry a book and notepad around in my purse so I can read if I find myself in an otherwise boredom inducing scenario.
  • It boosts confidence. Any time we gain proficiency at something new, we get a little shot of confidence. The more confident we are, the more we are able to show up in the world as our best self.
  • It makes you more marketable. Okay–learning how to make macrame plant hangers probably isn’t going to make me more upwardly mobile in my career–but knowing how to design a website or create a successful sales funnel just might. What skills are you interested in learning that can be transferred to your current career, or the career that you desire?
  • It sets a good example. I have always had a thirst for learning (except when it came to algebra–I didn’t give two hoots about algebra) and I can see now how that desire to learn has rubbed off on my young adult sons. Both of my boys love to read and both keep their minds active as they study different subjects that interest them. I hope that this example of lifelong learning continues to be passed down once my boys have kids of their own.
  • It keeps your brain healthy and your mind sharp. Our brain is a muscle, and just like any other muscle in the body, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. Studies have shown that continued learning can help to protect the brain from age related issues such as Alzheimers and dementia.
  • It can help you sleep. Just as our body tires when we work it, so does our brain. Learning new things can help us to sleep thereby allowing our brain time to rest, recover and prepare for more learning.

What new skills would you like to acquire in 2018? What do you hope to know a year from now that you don’t know now? Whether it’s how to paint with watercolors or rebuild the transmission on a ’69 Mustang, you’re sure to find a way to gain the knowledge if you just commit to looking. Make 2018 the year that you indulge your yearn to learn.


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